My Experience of Supernatural MinnCon 2015

For a year I’ve been saving up and buying tickets for one event: the Supernatural convention in Minneapolis. Well, this past weekend (Aug 21-23) the event finally came and it was one of the best weekends of my life. This is going to be longer just because a lot happened this weekend and I don’t want to forget a single moment. This blog is just as much for me as it is for any readers.


Friday was pretty low key. I had great seats for just having general admission and being a little late in the line. Richard Speight Jr. does a wonderful “opening ceremonies” and he looks good behind a guitar. He took over the role of front man for Louden Swain as Rob Benedict was shooting for Masters of Sex and let us know how much he loves Friday people. Chad Lindberg had a great panel. He talked about his time on Supernatural and his paranormal investigating. He even shared a recent evp with us.  Then Gil McKinney won the audience over, not very hard for him, with his stories about Once Upon a Time, his Progressive commercial and his time on Ghost Whisperer (Rich’s naked Gil joke was born). The Karaoke Party was, of course the highlight of the evening. There were great song choices from everyone, Gil serenading, Chad in a Ghostbusters jumpsuit and a surprise visit from Sebastian Roche. Also Matt Cohen and Rich in Thing 1 and Thing 2 outfits…


Saturday started off great. Rob walked out on stage with his suitcase and backpack and jumped in with the band to their “surprise” and Tahmoh Penikett led the day’s panels, where he spoke about Dollhouse, Battlestar and his most recent project Riftworld. Sebastian was next and got through a total of two questions. The rest was filled with singing, Sean Connery impressions and running through the audience. I had so much fun during his panel and quickly purchased his photo op 15 min before they started. That was a lot of fun; Sebastian danced to the music Chris, the photographer, had playing whenever he could. He was so sweet and I felt really comfortable hugging, practically a stranger, for the photo.

I went back to the theater just in time to hear Richard announce that Misha had been mugged and his photo op had been pushed back and his panel was cancelled. The room’s energy, understandably, dropped instantly but Mark Sheppard did an excellent job at getting it right back up again. It was interesting to be in the same room as Mark. Earlier when Rob and Sebastian went through the audience everyone screamed and scrambled for a high five, but Mark sauntered through complete silence. Whenever he started talking, you could hear a pin drop throughout the huge theater. My photo op with Mark was next and I was so nervous for this. My heart was racing and I felt like I was going to cry. As soon as I got up to Mark through I was instantly calm. He has such a calmingly commanding energy that he could tell you to kill someone and you would be like “Okay”. He was sick, so there were no hugs but he didn’t stop that from making the pictures great.

Since Misha’s panel was cancelled Rob, Rich and Matt went about an hour and a half longer for theirs which was fun. I didn’t see all of it because I was called away to the photo op I was looking forward to the most: my Misha solo photo op. This was the one I got really nervous about and it was saddening to see him cover his mouth with a Castiel pop figure for all the pictures because of his lip. He was sweet though but I was so nervous there was pretty much zero eye contact. The picture turned out great though and my shoulder was rather warm from his hand for a very long time after that.

Next was my photo op with Rob and Rich and I’ll admit, I started to freak out a little when I saw that everyone in front of me had a special pose. When it was my turn they looked at me and said hi and immediately noticed my Hillywood Supernatural Parody shirt on and a chorus of “Nice!” and “Awesome!” was heard. I went up to them and said, “I have no idea what to do”. Rich immediately put his arm around me and said “Well, you’re gonna get in here” and squeezed me so hard and I felt Rob squeeze me from behind. This is one of my favourite pictures. There is no space between either of us and I didn’t notice the Rob was leaning his head against my back until I picked up my photo. He’s just a small teddy bear of a man.

After that I got in line for Misha’s autograph (I know busy day). I was nervous for this because I had to change my original item. At the beginning of the weekend I had wanted Misha to sign my Castial pop figure, but since it was the “French Mistake Misha” pop figure I didn’t think that would be a good thing for him to sign so soon after his attack. I had gotten a picture of Misha in the vendors’ room. I was also nervous because I wanted to thank him and I had been practicing my speech: “Thank you for being such a large inspiration to me not only through your acting but also through helping to spread kindness and love throughout the world and making my life that much brighter”. He wasn’t personalizing anything but when he was signing my item, I took a deep breath and started to say what I had been practising all day. What I ended up saying was: “Thank you for being an inspiration in basically everything you do.” Lame. He looked up and said, “Oh. Well, thank you” and he gave me a high five but again there was pretty much no eye contact from me because I’m a nervous idiot.

That night was the Saturday night special Louden Swain concert. It was the best $50 dollars I spent for a concert. This was the first time I had heard Louden Swain original songs and they quickly went to the top of my favourite band list. Gil, Rich, Alaina Huffman and Sebastian also sang for us. The audience did frustrate Sebastian a bit because no one was really dancing or standing up. I know a few people around me did try to stand up but the people around them yelled at them to sit down; honestly who sits down at a concert? Sebastian did finally get everyone on their feet and Mark Sheppard took to the stage to play the drums. Rob sang two very personal and emotional songs about his mother. I was so humbled and thankful that Rob felt trusting enough of us to sing those. You could tell that it was very emotional for him, one of them was his encore and the audience gave him a standing ovation afterwards. They ended the concert with “I Get by with A Little Help from My Friends” in which Rob turned into an absolute rock star. He gave an amazing performance and there was something moving about having the audience join in as the guest performers and band members left until it was just us and Rob.


I was able to sleep in a little bit on Sunday as I had nothing until my photo op with Jared. I went down early anyway to eat breakfast and talked with the other convention goers around me. I was amazed at how quickly I was getting to know people and how easy it was to talk with them. This was the first time I really felt a part of the SPN Family and I’m so grateful that I am. My photo op with Jared came more quickly than I was expecting and before I knew it I was in the same room as Jared. Cliff, Jared and Jensen’s bodyguard, was roaming the room interacting with everyone and being a sweetheart. When it was my turn I walked up and Jared smiled and said, “How’s it going, sweetheart?” I responded with “HI! Good. How are you doing?” Except I was expecting Jared to be THAT tall in person so in my nervousness I didn’t quite look up all the way and I was mostly addressing his chest. He quickly pulled me in before answering with “Fantastic.” The only coherent though I had was that his back was pretty sweaty. I walked away after thanking him and felt the uncontrollable blush and grin combo make its way onto my face. I felt like a schoolgirl who just spoke to her crush.

I went back into the theater for Rich’s final welcome and bashing of the Sunday people. He also told us the jokes that Jared and Jensen were sending Misha’s way about his attack. The audience couldn’t decide whether to laugh or be sorry for Misha and ended up falling somewhere in between. Alaina had a wonderful panel that made me appreciate her more as a person. The most memorable moment from that was this adorable child dressed as Flash asked her if she really did like working with the boys. Alaina and the audience all melted from the cuteness of it all.

After Alaina we jumped right into Jared and Jensen’s panel. The theater was packed and everyone was on their feet for the boys. So much happened during this panel that I have a hard time remembering it but I know for a fact that there is no better cast than the cast of Supernatural and Jared and Jensen are two of the best people in the world. They also could not resist poking fun at Misha during this panel, calling him old lippy and saying he’s always mugging for the camera, but I think it made the audience more relaxed and less worried about the situation.

After a fun hour with Jared and Jensen (and serenading from Jensen) I went in line for my Misha and Jensen photo op. This time I was lucky enough to have ticket #8 so I was in the room when Misha and Jensen came in. Misha arrived first and the people in the room were a little slow to react but we gave him a warm welcome and he said hi to all of us. Cliff and Jensen walked in soon after and we got the line going. Everyone had thought of fun ways to help Misha cover his mouth, as he was still rather self-conscience about it. When it was my turn I said Hello to the boys and quickly explained the pose I was thinking. I, thankfully, had slightly better eye contact this time. I asked Misha to get in the middles while Jensen and I kiss his cheek. Misha stepped up right away and said, “Yeah, I love that.” The only thing that I regret that I didn’t get a hug from either of them but Cliff did say that he liked my pose as I walked past.

I had so much fun at MinnCon and as this was my first convention of any type this is the standard I will hold any future convention I attend. I hope to go and see the boys again next year (which I think I have a shot since my mom is so very jealous of me). I would like to join in with the private meet and greet with Misha next year and hopefully he will have a better time than he did for this one. I’m saving up my money for the tickets and I’m not going to allow myself to miss anything.


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