Procrastination – Part 2

I haven’t posted anything in a while. Mostly because classes have begun again and I’m stage managing my school’s production of Hello Dolly! right now. I have decided  I was going to make this semester the best one yet. I know I can do it but I might need some help.

See, I have a problem with procrastinating and skipping classes often. There were some classes I barely passed because of this and others I failed completely. I want to be a good student, mostly because I have two senior projects to complete and only two more semesters to complete them in. Many people have this problem but they all seem to get along fine. It doesn’t seem like they need any reminders or anything like that. So why do I have such a problem with this?

I procrastinate because I want to have fun and not be stressed all the time like some students I see. I know the more I put things off the more stressed I will be later but I still do it. I know I talked about this subject before, but this is a serious problem. What do you guys do to help you do your work in a timely fashion? I want to know because I consider myself to be relaxed and chill, but once I see that I have less time to do something I turn into this:



One thought on “Procrastination – Part 2

  1. Idk, but I never left something til the morning. If something was due the next day, I always finished it the night before, even if that meant staying up late.


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