Now that both finals week and Christmas is over, it’s time to breathe. With it being such a busy time of year it’s nice to just sit back and relax for a few hours, or days. I hope everyone had a good holiday and returning to work wasn’t too depressing. My Christmas was met with some wonderful presents, family bonding time (complete with the small moments of bickering) and board games. This year we played Quelf for the first time, a game I’ve played with friends, and my family loved it. If you’ve never played Quelf, it’s an excellent game to play with friends and family, although you can’t be afraid to embarrass yourself.

This weekend I ended up going to Superior, WI to visit a friend of mine and spent the day in Duluth, MN. I love Duluth, it’s so beautiful and peaceful there. It’s cold as hell in the winter but there aren’t as many tourists around so you have to beaches to yourself. My friends and I spent about an hour just skipping rocks on Lake Superior, which I was surprised to see was not frozen at all. We didn’t spend a lot of time there which is sad but that was the third time I’ve been to Duluth this year alone. I plan on going back and staying longer, I don’t think I could ever get tired of that city.

I hope your holidays are both fun and relaxing and I’ll see you in 2015.


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