Procrastination Is Not the Key

As I near the end of this fall semester I’m not sleeping, not socializing, and the only time I leave my computer is to eat and use the bathroom. I am writing the final papers of the semester, I’m struggling and I can’t blame anyone but myself.

I have gotten extremely good at procrastinating, in fact if there was a major in it I would graduate with honors. Instead of using the semester to work on these papers (as they were assigned on the first day of class) I put it off until the last-minute, as usual. So now, at this very moment, I have to write two ten paper research papers and one twenty paper literary review by next week. So I will tell you what I learn over and over again every year but have hardest time putting into practice: Don’t Procrastinate.

Whether it’s a big project or the every day homework assignment just do it. It will be far less painful that way. Go to the library or a quiet place and just force yourself to finish your work. Do your homework the day it was assigned. Start working on the big projects/papers the day it was assigned, and make a schedule for you to follow so you have plenty of time to finish it.

Don’t be the person who is trying to do everything at once, and takes a break from the papers to blog about procrastination, which in itself is procrastination. I’m going to finish with the one saying I hate hearing: Do what I say not what I do.


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